Hung Gar Punching and Kicking Sets

Hung Gar is a Southern Shaolin style that focuses on explosive power and rooted stances. It's kicks are fast and strong, and it's hand strikes are relentless and varied. 

Come learn the Hung Gar Kicking Drill which focuses on 18 explosive kicking techniques from short to long range and from acrobatic to rolling and sweeping on the ground.

We will follow it with the Hung Gar Punching Set, a form that allows you to practice 18 different strikes accompanied with the specific sounds and breath for each one.

Hung Gar forms in many ways are like a hard style qigong. They strengthen you from within and without. Showing you how to develop explosive power through breath, sound, mind and body.

$50 each or $75 for both

January 19, 2019
Time: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Del Sol
11190 Circle Drive, unit 103
Austin, Texas 78736 US
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Event Prices:
$50.00 - Punching Set
$50.00 - Kicking Set
$75.00 - Both